HSA - Open Enrollment Materials

Use the materials below to communicate before and during your open enrollment period.




Choice Plus Plan with HSA Website

During Open Enrollment, direct your employees to this site to search for network doctors, learn about plan options, and so much more.  

Note: If you have more than 1,000 eligible employees, we can create a custom site for you. Contact your account team to learn more.

  Access the website

HSA Library

Looking for additional HSA materials?

  Access the HSA Library


Open Enrollment Reminder

Take Time to Compare - HSA

It’s good to get the message out a few weeks prior to the OE period. 

Enroll Today and Open Your HSA - Email

Once the Open Enrollment Period starts, shoot this email out to spur action and encourage people to open  and fund their HSA.


Open Enrollment Materials

Choice Plus Plan w HSA - Brochure

Complete overview of the plan, how it works and the value it offers. Also available in Spanish.

Understanding the HSA - Video

Use this short video to introduce and educate about the HSA.

How the Plan Works (editable PDF) - Flier

An easy way to communicate the plan numbers, like deductible amounts.

Comparing the Plan to a Traditional Plan - Brochure

Answer the common question "How does this plan compare?". Email this video, too.

Clearing Up the Myths - Brochure

A conversational question and answer brochure that helps dispel cost and value myths about CDH plans. 

Choice Plus with HSA Plan Quiz

This five-question quiz can help educate employees on the key benefits of the Choice Plus Plan with HSA. (Directions – Open the PowerPoint presentation and click on Slide Show to start the quiz.)


Open Enrollment Presentation Support

Attend a Presentation - Email

You’re free to edit this email to include specific dates and times. Tip: Employees like the help of a guide so we recommend embedding this checklist.

Choice Plus Plan w HSA: An Overview – Brainshark Video 

Post this informative video to your company intranet site or play it in a break room. You can also download the PowerPoint file.


  What is an HSA: an introduction – Brainshark Video

When it comes to getting employees to really understand the value of the HSA, use this video. See the HSA library for more videos. You can also download the PowerPoint file.