HSA - Post Enrollment Materials

Use the materials below to communicate to employees after they have enrolled and throughout the year.




HSA Newsletters

Email HSA newsletters to your employees.

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HSA Library

Looking for additional HSA materials? Check out the HSA library.

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Continue Educating After Enrollment

New Member Welcome Guide - Booklet

Interactive Digital Version

Comprehensive guide to get the member started.  Note: When the policy/plan year begins, the guide is automatically posted on the member’s website, myuhc.com.

Paying for Your Doctor Visit - Flier

Early in the year, it’s important to remind employees about how the payment and claim process works before they see their doctor.  


Getting Employees to Open the HSA

Have You Opened Your HSA? - Email

You’d be surprised how challenging it can be to get employees to open and fund the HSA. This is even true when the employer is also funding.  You might consider sending a few times.

Open Your HSA Early with Optum Bank - Flier

Far too many employees forget to open their HSA. We can help you remind them. You can even use this video.

Don't Wait to Start Your Saving - Email

Just another way to remind employees to open and fund their HSA.

HSA: A Short Guide to HSA - Brochure

Get an Optum Bank HSA started with this helpful guide. Learn about eligibility rules, contribution limits and more. 

Using UnitedHealthcare Consumer Tools With CDH Plans

Tools to Succeed

All five tools are explained together in one video (Getting Started, Health4Me, myHealthcare Cost Estimator, Prescription Solutions and myClaims Manager).


Tools to Succeed (No Pharmacy)

All four tools are explained together in one video (Getting Started, Health4Me, myHealthcare Cost Estimator, and myClaims Manager) formatted together. 



This video explains how the Health4Me app can be useful for members with HSAs.


myHealthcare Cost Estimator

This video helps CDH Plan members learn how to search for treatment options, costs and quality ratings. 


myClaims Manager

This video shows members the one-stop the “Manage My Claims” section on myuhc.com® and helps members understand and track their health care claims.