HSA - Pre-enrollment Materials

Use the materials below to communicate to employees during your pre-enrollment period.




Choice Plus Plan with HSA Website

Prior to Open Enrollment, use this helpful website to introduce the new plan, build plan interest and understanding. Promote the site early on with emails and newsletters.

  Access Website

HSA Library

Looking for additional HSA materials?

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Introduce the new plan

Introducing the Change - Letter to Employees

Employees say that this is one of the most important and effective communications. And they prefer that it comes from their leadership.

A New Health Plan is Coming - Email

After the letter, send this email to generate more awareness.

A New Health Plan is Coming - Video

Build enthusiasm in 90 seconds. Embed in an email (like the one above).

Experience the Benefits - Email

Let your employees know that millions of people, like them, are actually in the same plan.


Additional Education Resources

Health Care Lane

Health Care Lane is an interactive website that provides a fun way for your employees to learn more about their health care benefits and the HSA. We offer a number of customizable materials below can be used to help promote Health Care Lane.