We are dedicated to providing our members with access to quality care, affordable prices and information that helps them make better decisions about their health care coverage. That’s why we are proud to introduce the Flex plan. The Flex plan provides the same level of coverage as the traditional UnitedHealthcare HMO plans. The difference is in the distinct network choices. The Flex plan arranges providers into distinct networks using an evaluation of cost and quality metrics.


Distinct Networks

With the Flex plan, medical groups have been placed in one of three distinct HMO networks, Network 1, Network 2 and, in some areas, Network 3, based on how the medical group met specific health care costs and quality ratings. The quality ratings applied are those established annually by the California Office of the Patient Advocate (see details at www.opa.ca.gov). Members have the option to help manage their own health care costs by selecting a plan and provider network based on cost/quality criteria that match their selections with their specific health needs and preferences.

How does the plan work?

  • The Flex plan provides members with the option to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) from one of the distinct networks of participating providers, which is then tied to a specific HMO plan design.
  • Employees are required to select the Flex network (Network 1, Network 2, or Network 3) and remain in that network for the plan year. However, each plan member can select his or her own PCP within the selected network.
  • During the plan year, members can change their PCP selection within their selected Flex network following our existing guidelines for PCP changes.

Flex Brochure

51+ Flex Brochure



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