Before Your Plan Begins

Why wait? Your employees can begin putting their benefits to good use now. Use these helpful resources to help employees make the most of their health plan — even before coverage begins. Share with them up to three weeks before the plan’s effective date.

  • Here’s what you can do before ID cards arrive

    Here’s a handy guide for what your employees can do while they’re waiting for their ID card and before their coverage starts. They’ll get the most out of their health plan from the very start.

  • Got your ID card? Let’s get started!

    Help your employees know their first steps to getting the most out of their plan after they get their ID cards but before their coverage begins. Distribute this checklist so they’re prepared. Use it in a newsletter article or drop a copy on everyone’s desk.

    New Member Checklist with pharmacy OptumRx®

    New Member Checklist without pharmacy OptumRx®

  • I Enrolled in a Health Plan - Now What?

    If employees know what to expect after they’ve enrolled, they can feel more confident when they start using their plan. This 3-minute video covers how to choose a doctor and other network providers, as well as where to find help managing their plan. Share with employees, then challenge them to test their understanding by taking the quiz.

    • Video (use this video link if your employees don't have access to YouTube)
    • Quiz
  • Six tips to help employees find the right doctor

    Use this infographic to engage employees in finding the right primary doctor. Print and post in employee common areas or add it to your company’s intranet site