Finding the Right Care Options

Before employees wait for hours in the ER and end up with a sizable bill, there might be options that save them money. In fact, they could save up to $1,500 by choosing an alternative. 

  • Check. Choose. Go.SM

    This piece can help your employees understand and compare their care options when their PCP isn’t available.

  • Virtual Visits

    Everything employees need to know about Virtual Visits, including how to get access to a doctor wherever, whenever and save valuable time and money.

  • Preventive Care

    Help employees understand the importance of recommended screenings and regular checkups. Print copies of the Preventive Care brochure or share the interactive website for employees to create checklists for themselves and their families.

  • Test What You Know About Care Options

    Understanding care options may help members make informed decisions and save money. Share this quiz with your employees to test their knowledge on network care, primary care providers, and preventive services.