Health Savings Account (Increase Adoption)

For customers looking to increase adoption of a CDHP

Maybe you have been offering a CDH plan for some time but have noticed low employee interest and adoption. Or, maybe you are working toward replacing all other health plan options with a CDH plan, but you aren’t ready to let go of your traditional copayment plan. In either case, we’re sharing some “best practices” to help you. Choose the calendar that fits your timeline and use it as a guide to help build interest in the CDH plan and remind employees of its value.


  Featured Materials:
  Communication Calendars

Start Here. Choose the communication calendar that fits the time you have between now and open enrollment. Each contains suggested timelines and links to materials, making it easy for you to inform and educate employees.

6 Weeks      3 Months      6 Months      9 Months

  You can also download individual materials from each section below:

Introductory marketing collateral to help educate your employees about their new plan options.

  Open Enrollment

This section provides more in-depth information about the plan offering and how to use it most effectively.

  After Enrollment

Even after successful implementation, ongoing communications will encourage employees to use their benefits.



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