Generations of WellnessTM - African American Health

Generations of WellnessTM is designed to raise awareness of common health issues and provide new tools to help members enhance their quality of life. This initiative introduces new ways for members to work with health care professionals to address population-specific medical concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Generations of WellnessTM provides African American clients and their members enhanced health information resources, including printed materials and behavior lifestyle programs on a wide array of health topics; a comprehensive Web site with healthy recipes and exercise tips and much more that can be incorporated into employer wellness programs and onsite health activities.

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Generations of Wellness Overview   
Generations of Wellness Overview Brochure 100-7362
Family Health  
 Family Health History Tree 100-9229
General Health  
 Diabetes – Prevention 100-9113
 Diabetes - Stay Well Informed 100-11122
 Heart Failure and Healthy Diet 100-9118
Smoking and Your Health 100-8488
Blood Pressure Information 100-8489
Daily Food Choices 100-8486
Exercise 100-8487
Stress Information 100-8490
Cholesterol 100-8485
Weight Management 100-8492
Blood Pressure Chart 100-8493
Stress Quiz 100-8491
Stress & Diabetes 100-8824
Sickle Cell Anemia - Brighter Outlook 100-11125
Understanding Lupus
Prostate Cancer -  A Man's Concern
Kidney Disease - Don't Get Caught Off Guard 100-11132
Colorectal Cancer
Obesity - Risky Pounds - Help Avoid Obesity
10 Minute Workout 100-11134
20 Minute Workout 100-11135
30 Minute Workout 100-11136
5 strategies for Kidney Disease and Dialysis
Women - What You Should Know About Fibroids 100-11129
Doctor Visit 100-11137
Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Children's Health  
 Pre-Diabetes: Is Your Child at Risk? 100-9481
 Diabetes and Children 100-9483
 Childhood Obesity 100-9480
Helping Your Child Stay on Top of Asthma
 Children’s Ear, Nose, and Throat 100-9482
Senior's Health  
 Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia 100-9119
 Early Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia 100-9120
 Osteoporosis and Your Health 100-9114
 Preventing Falls Among the Elderly 100-9115
 Tips for Improving Your Balance 100-9116
 Managing Your Meds in Your Senior Years 100-9117
 Diabetes Screening 100-9379