Coming Soon: a New, Simpler Health Statement

The new Health Statement is just one more way UnitedHealthcare® is trying to help make understanding your health benefits simple.

Now, instead of receiving multiple Explanation of Benefits, you will receive one consolidated Health Statement.

What is a Health Statement?

A Health Statement is a summary of your recent claims, plus remaining balances for deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses in one easy-to-read format. It provides a clearer picture of your health care spending, plus includes meaningful tips to help you use your benefits.

A Health Statement will be mailed within 30 days if you received care and you need to pay for a part of the service. However, if you received care and your plan pays in full, you will receive a Health Statement in the mail within 90 days that shows the service you received and the amount that was paid.* And, if for any reason, you’d like to view your claims activity more frequently, you can log on to at any time of day or night.

Health Statement Advantages

  • One easy-to-ready, complete record
  • Summarizes information for all members of the household
  • Features health care consumer alerts and money-saving tips
  • Available online through (select “Claims & Accounts,” then “Medical Claim Summary”)

Go paperless
Since your Health Statements and individual Explanation of Benefits are always available on you on, you can even opt to go paperless. Simply log on to and select “Account Settings,” then “Mailing Preferences.”

Your new Health Statements is just one more way UnitedHealthcare is trying to simplify your health care benefit information.

* Unless applicable law requires more frequent delivery of Health Statements.