How to find a physician or hospital

After becoming a UnitedHealthcare® member,

the quickest way to find a physician, specialist or hospital in the UnitedHealthcare network is to go online to®.

1. Simply go to, login (or register if it’s your first time visiting the site)

2. Once in the site, click on the Physician & Facilities tab or the large Find a Doctor button located on the center of the page

3. Under Search for Care in Your Network, select find a Physician, Hospital, Urgent Care or Other Facility

4. Follow the easy directions via the form to help you define your search. You can search by Location, Specialty, Physician Name, Condition or Procedure

5. Click on the Continue or Search button

On, you can find information on network doctors and health care professionals including their name, specialty, office hours, languages, and driving directions. You can also find hospitals and other health care facilities by name and location.

You can even find out what physicians are recognized in the UnitedHealth Premium® designation program, a free informational tool that evaluates physician quality based upon national industry standards of care and cost efficiency on local market benchmarks in their specialty.
Select Physicians & Facilities



For a complete description of the UnitedHealth Premium® Designation program, including details on the methodology used, geographic availability, program limitations and medical specialties participating, please see®.