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The Health & Wellness site on is a 24-hour online resource with many tools that can help make it easier for members to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Personalized health assessment
Take five minutes to complete a health assessment. Your “wellness score” and immediate confidential results can help you better understand your health opportunities. Your health assessment results are used to personalize your Health & Wellness home page with information and resources that will help you improve and maintain your health.

Personal Health Record
It’s your health history, a medical library, and a health care organizer rolled into one secure and easy-to-use resource. Your Personal Health Record stores your claims information for you automatically, but you can add emergency contact information, details about your health history and even track important health indicators like blood pressure and cholesterol. You can print a summary of your Personal Health Record to take to the doctor.

Online health coaching programs
Get help managing your weight, quitting smoking or becoming more physically active. Based on your health profile, recommended online health coaching programs are actively promoted on your personalized Health & Wellness home page’s Health Improvement Plan. You may enroll in up to three recommended programs at once. Each program includes personalized articles, health trackers and other suggested activities to help you achieve your personal health goals.

Health improvement tools
Access dozens of tools and resources to help you achieve your personal health goals.  These tools, trackers and quizzes entertain, motivate and educate while helping you find information fast.

The symptom checker can be used to help you determine the right care for your symptom. If you want to discuss a health concern with an expert, you can log in seven days a week to NurseChat.

A large Health & Wellness library gives you the facts about medications, wellness topics and health conditions, to help you make more informed decisions.

Our health trackers, built into your Personal Health Record and Online Health Coach, make it easy to stay on top of a particular health concern. Log your blood pressure, blood sugar, daily diet or weight to help you meet your goals. You can use interactive tools to help you map out a fitness routine and plan nutritious meals.

Check your individual risk for certain cancers, heart disease and diabetes with our risk screening quizzes. And you needn’t worry about privacy, your information is accessible only by you.

If you are interested in learning more about a specific disease or condition, and want a short and sure way to do it, try a knowledge quiz. Just take a few minutes to answer some simple questions, and the information will be in your hands.

Learn more, get motivated, and achieve your health goals with our interactive tools. Try these fun, easy-to-use, educational health and wellness tools today.


Top 10 health improvement tools
1. Drug interaction calculator
2. Heart attack risk calculator
3. Calories burned calculator
4. Calcium calculator
5. Healthy weight calculator
6. Body mass index calculator
7. Adult food pyramid
8. Target heart rate calculator
9. Symptom checker
10. Cost-of-smoking calculator

Health and wellness tools
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UnitedHealth Wellness® is a collection of programs and services offered to UnitedHealthcare enrollees to help them stay healthy. It is not an insurance product but is offered to existing enrollees of certain products underwritten or provided by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or its affiliates to encourage their participation in wellness programs. Health care professional availability for certain services may be dependent on licensure, scope of practice restrictions or other requirements in the state. Some UnitedHealth Wellness programs and services may not be available in all states or for all group sizes. Components subject to change.

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