Live Nurse Chat

Live nurse chats are a fast, easy way to get answers to your health questions.

You can have a live, personal online discussion with a nurse about various health and wellness issues. Learn more about fitness, nutrition, common illnesses and conditions, prevention tips and much more.

During your chat, the nurse can display web pages and suggest other helpful resources related to the topic you're discussing. At the end of the chat, you can request a transcript of your conversation and Web pages for future reference.

Keep in mind that any symptoms you may be having are best addressed by calling your doctor. Live chat nurses can only assist with your general health questions due to the limits of online chat technology.

Live Nurse Chat sessions are securely operated, and private, with access granted only to you and the nurse. Your chat will be personal and anonymous. If you have questions about your privacy, feel free to ask the nurse about them, in addition to reviewing the privacy policy, before you start your session.

Using Live Nurse Chat is easy:

  • Log on to and click “ Live Nurse Chat” link
  • Provide a name – most people use their first name
  • Enter your age and gender
  • Select “Continue” if you accept the Terms and Conditions to chat with a nurse

You then will be connected with a nurse, who can help you answer your health questions.