Optum Bank HSA Support Resources

Whether you're introducing an HSA or having been offering one for years, we have a robust suite of Optum Bank branded HSA education materials for Account Holders and Employers.

Account Holder Collateral

Employer Collateral

  • Communication Calendar
    A snapshot of communication activities from Optum Bank that employers can expect to help educate their employees.
  • HSA Implementation Guide
    This guide will help you setup and manage your health savings account (HSA) program with Optum Bank.
  • Open Enrollment Presentation – New Enrollees
    An overview of HSAs geared toward new HSA enrollees during open enrollment.
  • Open Enrollment Checklist
    A checklist to use during open enrollment to help your employee’s HSA enrollment go as smoothly as possible.
  • Welcome kit sample (mailed to new HSA account holders)
    Includes a list of materials employees will be receiving from Optum Bank once an application has been received and processed, and the HSA has been opened.