Quit For Life® Program

 A tobacco cessation program in collaboration with the American Cancer Society®.

Although smoking rates have declined over the years, one out of six American adults still smokes.1   It can be difficult for your employees to stop smoking or using any form of tobacco, especially without the proper help and resources.

Quit For Life is a clinically proven tobacco cessation program offered in collaboration with the American Cancer Society. The program uses an evidence-based combination of physical, psychological and behavioral strategies designed to help employees overcome their tobacco addiction.

Quit for Life is provided at no additional cost to eligible UnitedHealthcare members enrolled in Fully Insured plans.

Help empower your employees to end tobacco use.  The program’s design makes it easier to implement, administer and participate. 

1 Centers for Disease Ccontrol and Prevention Fact Sheet: Current Cigarette Smoking Among Adults in the United States - Smoking & Tobacco Use

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Print Materials for Employers:

  • Quit For LifeEmployer Communication guide 
    One way to create interest and participation, and help your employees end tobacco use, is to promote the program throughout your organization with the Quit For Life eToolkit. The materials shown below and this guide show you how the Quit For Life program can impact your organization and employees.

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