Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I need to include tax documentation for owners?

Yes.  All owners must be identified on the tax documentation and waiver reasons given for those not enrolled in the policy.  If not listed on the state quarterly wage and tax filing, or if you do not file a state quarterly wage and tax, you must submit federal tax forms (e.g., Form 1065/1120S Schedule K-1) for all owners accounting for 100% of ownership.

2. What if I have received an earlier request for this information and I have already sent this to you?

It can take up to five (5) business days to process your information once we receive it. Our automated mailing system may still have shown that your group had not responded or was in an incomplete status. After your information has been processed, a letter will be sent to you with the results.

3.  What if I am not comfortable sharing the wages and Social Security Numbers of my employees?

In order to prove full time employment based on federal/state wage and hour laws, we must be able to document earnings. If you prefer, you may black out part of the Social Security Number but leave at least the last 4 digits. Remember, UnitedHealthcare is legally obligated to protect the privacy of your information. It will only be used to validate your eligibility and participation.

4.  I have never received an audit before.  What is this for?

We are verifying that Participation and Eligibility guidelines and requirements are being met as defined in your group contract. Participation Verification Audits are done on a yearly basis.  We are required to be in compliance with your state’s insurance regulations.  These regulations change frequently and we are requesting this information to ensure your group meets all applicable requirements.

5.  What are the guidelines I need to meet?

Please refer to your group contract or contact your Agent for more information. Risk Management cannot provide your group contract.

6.  I have a small group [or] I am the owner and have no employees.  Do I still need to fill this out as it does not apply to me?

Yes. If you are a small group business, this does apply to you and you are required to respond.

7.  I just sent my information a few days ago.  Did you receive it?

Please allow up to five (5) business days for us to process your information. Once we have processed your information we will send a decision letter to you and to your broker via mail. Please allow for mailing time.

8.  Why have I received a renewal packet, when I've also received notice of non-renewal?

The Eligibility Verification Audit is separate from your regular renewal process. The audit must be processed and approved in order to prevent cancellation. If we cannot confirm your participation requirements, that renewal information is invalid.

9.  Can I fax or email this to you?

Yes. Our fax number is 877-232-7902 and our email address is Please make sure your group number is referenced on all faxes and emails.

10.  Does UnitedHealthcare have authority to request records?

According to your Group Policy, we may at any reasonable time request information necessary to validate eligibility requirements:

  • All documents furnished to the Enrolling Group by an individual in connection with coverage.
  • The Enrolling Group's payroll.
  • Any other records pertinent to the coverage under this Policy.