Getting Started

With the rising cost of health care nationwide, workplace wellness has emerged as a primary solution to keep your employees healthier and your costs in check. Use the tools below to begin planning your workplace wellness initiative.



Steps for Creating a
Succesful Wellness Program

  1. Secure senior leadership support

  2. Find "Champions of Wellness"

  3. Create a Wellness committee

  4. Obtain baseline data

  5. Identify areas for intervention

  6. Set measurable goals

  7. Access online tools for promoting wellness

  8. Create an evaluation strategy


Download: Inciting Wellness. 8 steps for a successful employee program.

Inciting Wellness.
8 steps for a successful employee program

Creating a culture of health and wellness takes commitment, time and energy. But if you’re serious about building an environment where employees are supported and motivated to take charge of improving their health; we’re here to help you get started.