iered Benefits Employer Toolkit

This online toolkit provides everything you need to prepare your employees for the transition to a Tiered Benefits plan.

The toolkit works best when the information is packaged into a comprehensive communication strategy, which may help your employees understand, and even embrace, the new plan.



  Promotional Materials
  Coummunication Plan for Employers

Review the communication plan to develop a strategy for communicating to your employees.  Refer to the communication calendar for suggested timing of the materials.

  Introducing the Change - Letter to Employees

Employees say that this is one of the most important and effective communications. And they prefer that it comes from their leadership.

  A New Health Plan is Coming - Email

After the letter, send this email to generate more awareness.

  Bring Your Questions - Email

Send this email to promote a meeting about the benefits change.  Encourage your employees to come with questions about the new plan.

  A New Health Plan is Coming - Video

Build enthusiasm in 90 seconds. Embed in an email (like the ones above).

  Flyer With Customizable Fields

You or your sales representative can fill in the table and URL on page 1 in an easy-to-read format for your employees.

  Freestanding Facilities Overview Flyer

Overview of how to identify and find a freestanding facility.